Issue 1/RestartingEdit

I was walking down Mainstream Road, and I went to visit my Neighbor named Doug, and his family to see what's going on with the people on the road. As I opened my door, I saw Linda getting bit. "Help me!!!!!" Doug comes out of his house, and shoots Linda in the head. "Why did you kill her, Doug?" "She was bit by a zombie. Are you blind? They're zombies walking around, killing people. Get in my house. We got lots of weapon in here." "Ok." I ran to Doug's house. As I ran into the livingroom, Doug cries with his son, Derek. "I miss mommy!!!!" "I know, son." I began to worry about my family, knowing that they're away from here, knowing that my son was at school, and my wife was at work, being the owner of the Hendricks Sports Goods. "What caused this virus?" "A nuke that was a gas that made sick people and healthy people into zombies, luckly the whole US population isn't only zombies." I had thoughts that if the world would get back to normal. I turned on the TV. "Breaking news. Zombies numbers are rising in the US, Canada, the whole Europe, and the whole middle east." "Damn, I hope that a cure is made before I die." "I have to go. I have to go find my family." "Ok, Matthew. Good Luck out there."

I drive off, and found several survivors in an apartment. "A survivor. We should let him in, Benjamin." The survivor opens the door. "Hello..." Six men shoots at Me. "Benjamin, we shouldn't do this." "Shut up, Eugene." Benjamin shoots Eugene in the head. "I'm leaving." Me too." I see the two running off, but one gets devoured by a horde of zombies. "Shit, shoots the zombies instead." I sneak up to Benjamin, and knock him out, and I shoot one of his men in the head. "Please spare me." "Benjamin, I'll do it if you bring me to your main group location." "Ok. I will." "Who are you, mister?" "I'm Lange, asshole." I grabbed Lange, and I tied his arm to the door, so he can't leave the apartment with both of his arms. "Goodbye, Lange." "Fuck you, Lin. You chinese..." "Shut your fucking mouth. Would you want me to kill you?" "No." "Then shut the fuck up." "Mister, what's your name?" "I'm Matthew, and I'm looking for my family. Let's hurry to your group." We drive off to the location of Benjamin's main group. "What the...."

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