Issue 2/New HomeEdit

"Daddy!!!" My son came running at me. He jumps on my chest. "I missed you, Aaron." My wife came outside, crying also. "Patricia, I'm here. I wasn't awake at home. I was taking a nap, then it turned to a long sleep. I'm just glad that I'm back with you and Aaron. "I found the world out by the neighbors." "Who? Sandler and Wallace Greene, the two brother living down the road with their parents." "Nope, it was Doug. His wife's dead." My wife began to cry. I understand why, knowing that Patricia and Linda were high-school best friends. "Matthew, we need you for a moment." Lin and I walks to a old man, supposely the leader of this group. "Who's this, Lin." "Walter, this is Matthew." "Nice to meet you, Matthew. Is Patricia and Aaron your family?" "Yes. Patricia is my wife, and Aaron is my God Son, because my brother was killed by a serial killer, and Aaron's real mother died from childbirth. To me, I consider Aaron to be my son. My brother ,Gregory, would be proud of my sucess on my job as a Chemistry Teacher." "I've met Gregory before. I had him in my Geometry Class eleven years ago. He was a great person." "Thanks."

Benjamin and a survivor named Archer begans to fight. "Why did you leave my brother there?" "I didn't. Matthew did." Archer charges at me. Walter pulls out his rifle. "Don't hurt Matthew, Archer. Lange was becoming a huge threat to the group, and you know it." "I guess your right. How about me, Benjamin, Lin, and Matthew go check up on my brother, so he's safe." "Ok." The four of us drives off to the store. "Where's Lange?" "I don't know, but I'm sorry, but I believe he's dead." "No, no, no........." Zombies comes out of the alley. "Shit, we have to go." I'm sorry." Archer shoots Benjamin in the head, and then shoots himself in the head. Lange jumps outside. "I'm alive, assholes." Lin shoots Lange in the head. "Fuck. I didn't know he was alive. I though he was a zombie." "I know." Lin and I drives back to the group with Lange, Archer, and Benjamin's guns. Walter walks up to us. "Where's the others?" "Killed." "Damn. Their recklessness caused them their demises." "Walter, I accidently killed Lange. The other tow was a part of a murder-suicide scene. "Oh. Get back to the others, so the zombies won't come here.