The Dead Fever is a Online Story by Bader Hussain Mousa Al Bloushi .


It's About A Guy that is in the hospital then he saw dead people and a fire .

Episode GuideEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. Fire Dead (Aired)
  2. Guts (Upcoming)
  3. Bloody Week (Upcoming)
  4. The Camp (Upcoming)
  5. The Dead Road (Upcoming)
  6. Gone (Upcoming)
  7. All The Dead Lie Down (Upcoming)

Season 2Edit

It Was Renewed By Bader Hussain . The Episode Titles Are Coming Soon.

Episode StoriesEdit

Season 1 Episode 1 : Fire Dead
Aired : October 11, 2014
The Story Began When A Guy , Beau Star . Going to the Bathroom and When he was on his way he saw a fire , it spreaded everywhere . He ran and then saw a dead woman walking to him , she tried to bite him but he killed her . Then he saw his father killed and he killed himself . then the story continued with another person , his name is Carlos Jones . After the Dead & Fire Started he saw people running and the fire spreader in his house . he got out and when he tried to run away, dead people came walking to him and they heard a whistle and started to run when he run they bite him and he died .